Acrylic Painting of an unpainted house in Progress……….🏤


This is a painting of a house in my city in #Ghana. The owner is reluctant in choosing a colour to paint his house, so he asked me to do a painting of it so he sees how its gonna turn out in the end.

In choosing the colour for the house I decided to use a light green, because the owner of the house has a Green Nissan pickup. You can actually see that in the painting. When I started painting I realised that the grass and trees in the house were also green so I started getting nervous on how I am gonna blend all the green colours to come to life in the painting. I just can’t wait to share with u guys the end result of the painting. #AcrylicPainting #house #green #grass #tree

Published by Jeff Kudjo Bedson

I am a curious Artist who connect people with the beauty of life

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