It’s been a while …..

I haven’t been paying attention lately to my blog because i have been doubting myself as an artist. For the past months now, I have been pondering and thinking of what my blog is going to be about but after a while I realized that my blog should not be separated from my daily life.

For three years now, I have been earning a living as a professional artist. I love painting portraits for the people in my community and this has really enhanced my reputation and loyalty.

I am writing this blog post to encourage myself and anyone out there who is nervous to take the first leap toward his or her dreams to face thier fears and always try to post daily in the face of their doubts, and worrying about what people will think of you. I signed up for WordPress in 2016, but would you believe that since 2016, when I created my blog, I have been nervous and lazy in posting a blog but I have made a commitment to myself that in 2019 I will confront my self sabotage within me and do what I have to do with all my heart.

Acrylic Painting of an unpainted house in Progress……….🏤


This is a painting of a house in my city in #Ghana. The owner is reluctant in choosing a colour to paint his house, so he asked me to do a painting of it so he sees how its gonna turn out in the end.

In choosing the colour for the house I decided to use a light green, because the owner of the house has a Green Nissan pickup. You can actually see that in the painting. When I started painting I realised that the grass and trees in the house were also green so I started getting nervous on how I am gonna blend all the green colours to come to life in the painting. I just can’t wait to share with u guys the end result of the painting. #AcrylicPainting #house #green #grass #tree

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